NEM Fit 30 Day Challenge: Carb Cycling Guide
NEM Fit 30 Day Challenge: Carb Cycling Guide

NEM Fit 30 Day Challenge: Carb Cycling Guide

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**First of all, please read ALL of this product info BEFORE you purchase this guide to sign up.**

How would you like to be leaner, stronger, smarter and richer in the next 30 days?!

The number one question I receive is, “What do you eat?" with, “What do you do for workouts?” coming in at a close second. Showing you our workouts is pretty easy, we just tell you guys exactly what we do and you can follow along. However, when it comes to diet, things get exponentially more complex. This tricky aspect of diet is that it’s not just what we eat, it’s HOW we  eat. While the difference might seem like semantics, it's not. By telling you what we eat, we just give you information that you prob already know or can easily find, like: "eat high quality proteins, fish is great, chicken breast is fantastic, don’t forget to eat lots of fresh leafy greens, stay away from anything processed or in boxes, fruits are good but in moderation, high fructose corn syrup is the devil blah blah blah..." All stuff anyone who has been alive for the last 8 years has heard a million times and can find anywhere for free on Google. Would you be happy to spend $100 on that info ? I know I wouldn’t.

But how many of you have heard about the insulin response generated by food and how to manipulate it to build lean muscle, or how to deplete and refill your bodies glycogen stores to shed fat while preserving muscle mass, or even how high carbs at strategic times can spike your metabolic rate and burn stubborn fat stores? That’s the stuff we use to maintain our physique and performance, and that’s what we are going to teach you in this challenge. 

This is not a cookie cutter meal plan or basic info you have heard a million times before about what foods to eat. What we are giving you is much more valuable, we're going to empower you with the skill set and knowledge to make food work for you. Similar to the way wealthy people and their knowledge of finance use their money to work for them and make them more money, I am going to teach you how to use knowledge of the human body and its reactions to food to make it work for you. When you finish this challenge you will be 'knowledge-wealthy' with regards to food and how to use it to its full potential for you fitness goals.

This specific formula and plan can't be found anywhere else, especially not with the added value of our direct support, years of knowledge and research, and all the freebies we're giving out along with this challenge! 

Let us tell you right now from the very beginning, if you are lazy and not willing to put in work, save yourself some money and save us some time and leave now. As with all things worthwhile in life, this isn’t a handout; you don’t get to stand there and do nothing and see incredible benefits, you are going to have to put in some work, you are going to have to think, and you are going to have to learn. But we promise, it will be worth it!

We want you to be able to do this yourself so that you have these skills for life and don't need us after this challenge. You'll learn exactly what to do and how to do it long-term, and how to edit and customize it as your body and goals change over time. This way, you won't need to keep buying programs and challenges to reach your goals, you'll know what to do!

[Not good at math? Don't worry - the instructions are very clear, and we'll share calculation videos with you as needed].

P.S. You can definitely grab this program and do it on your own at any time, everything you need to succeed is there for you! 



✔️ Our comprehensive carb cycling & nutrition guide teaches you exactly how to create your own unique carb cycling macros.

✔️ Learn how to adapt this program over time in order to continue to progress & sustain long-term results.

✔️ Learn how to scale the program as your body & goals change.

✔️ Learn when to eat your carbs, protein and fats throughout your day based on your specific goals in order to maximize your results

✔️Food List: know what foods to buy at the store, how to measure them and how to cook them properly.

✔️ UNLIMITED SUPPORT: You'll have access to our private Facebook Community group for weekly LIVE Q&A's, as well as unlimited email support directly with us. (Each week we will send out a check-in email to the entire group as well with the LIVE video recording for those of you who may not be on Facebook).

✔️ NEMFIT WORKOUTS! When you join the challenge, we'll send you our personal workouts from our online subscription program, NEM Fit! These workouts are designed to be high-intensity, strength-focused training for both men & women. [You'll get these in your weekly check-in emails from us]. 

✔️2 EBOOKS: You'll get our 30 Day Bikini Body training eBook, and our 126-page Plant-Based Lifestyle eBook! ($80 Value!) Links for these eBooks will be inside your challenge guide.

✔️ BONUS RECIPE BOOK: We'll share some great recipes (with macros) so that you can keep your meals tasty and on track (you'll get this cookbook via email on day 1 of the challenge).

✔️ CASH PRIZES!! The prize pot will be between $2-$5K, split between the top 3 winners. 


This 30 day challenge will teach you exactly how to utilize Carb Cycling to reach your personal goals, TRANSFORM your body, and LEARN A LOT. You will learn how to create your own macros and carb cycle structure based on our unique, tried, tested and true protocol! This is exactly how we eat to stay in control of our health and physique goals!

Natalie Eva Marie NEMFIT Challenge

The next 30 day challenge starts on October 28th!! This guide is your ticket in!

  • We will choose 3 winners based on your before & after photos and your personal story of success. There are specific instructions within the guide on how to take your photos & when / where to submit them
  • Feel free to reach out to us anytime via email at We will get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Each week we will send out a video via email to the whole group answering the questions we received the week prior and providing additional tips and tricks, information and motivation to keep you going! This email will also include our NEM Fit workouts.
  • If you buy this guide early and want to get started on your own, that's totally fine -- but if you want to be eligible to win you must take your 'before' photo on day 1 of the challenge (or after if you join late).
    • Upon purchase, you will receive and be able to download a PDF version of the guide right away, which includes challenge instructions and FAQ's.
    • You will receive a welcome email from us on Day 1 of the challenge - OCT 28th (if you sign up late you may miss this email)
    • Getting Your Free eBooks: download links for the 2 free eBooks are inside your challenge guide
    • Getting your paleo cookbook: your paleo recipe book will in your Day 1 Welcome Email (sent out on October 28th).
    • Getting into the Facebook Group: the link to our private Facebook group is also inside your challenge guide. We have to pre-approve each and every member request so please be patient with that. It really helps if you sign up and purchase your guide using the SAME NAME & SAME EMAIL as what is associated with your Facebook account. 

**Be sure to add as a contact in your email to make sure you don't miss any check-in emails from us (If you think you've missed an email, make sure you check your junk box before reaching out to us)**


Carb Cycling


**Please note, this program is non-refundable under any circumstances, due to the nature of it being a digital product without the ability to actually 'return' it. If you decide not to complete the challenge after purchasing, the program is still yours to use and learn from.