Carb Cycling Challenge

People are always asking us what we eat to stay lean year-round, while continuously making strength and hypertrophy gains and improving our overall fitness level. Well, the truth is  it’s not just what we eat, it’s HOW we eat. 

Our Nutrition Approach: Carb Cycling! 

What Is Carb Cycling? Carb cycling is a method of manipulating carbohydrate intake to optimize key metabolic hormones in order to maximize fat burning while simultaneously protecting muscle & strength. By strategically with-holding & re-feeding carbohydrates, you ensure your body has the exact nutrients it needs, at the exact right time, to perform it's absolute best, while never feeling restricted or deprived. 

carb cycle


carb cycling
Many people assume that when you're trying to lose weight, you need to avoid carbs like the plague. This simply isn't true. Carbs are actually a powerful tool for fat loss, if used correctly. 
Carbs are important for muscle protein synthesis - the process by which the body repairs damaged muscle, which is the key to hypertrophy and strength gains! However, carbohydrates also spike insulin, and too much insulin can cause a direct blockage to utilizing fat for fuel.

This is where carb cycling becomes pretty much magical...


carb cycling

Simply put, Carb Cycling = more muscle, less fat & a faster metabolism overall!

carb cycle 

We've nailed down a unique carb cycling formula that will help you both burn fat & build muscle. It works incredibly well for both men & women!

This is what we teach in our carb cycling challenge program


✔️ Our comprehensive carb cycling & nutrition guide teaches you exactly how to create your own unique carb cycling macros.

✔️ Learn how to adapt this program over time in order to continue to progress & sustain long-term results.

✔️ Learn how to scale the program as your body & goals change.

✔️ Learn when to eat your carbs, protein and fats throughout your day based on your specific goals in order to maximize your results

✔️Food List: know what foods to buy at the store, how to measure them and how to cook them properly.

✔️ UNLIMITED SUPPORT: You'll have unlimited email support directly with us to answer all your questions.

✔️ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: a supportive community of friends helping each other. We check in here multiple times per week to answer questions and offer encouragement. You'll have LIFETIME access to this group. 

✔️WEEKLY LIVE Q&A's: Each week we will go LIVE inside the Facebook group to answer questions and provide additional tips, knowledge and support. 

✔️ BONUS FREE EBOOK: You'll get a FREE training eBook. Discount code for the free eBook will be inside your challenge guide welcome email. (Make sure you check your spam folder!) 

✔️ BONUS RECIPE BOOK: We'll share some great recipes (with macros) so that you can keep your meals tasty and on track [this recipe book is also linked inside your guide].


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30 days is not much time to commit to, but it IS enough time to completely change your body & get you on track to creating YOUR best physique, being completely IN CONTROL of your progress!


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