30 Day Bikini Body eBook (Home-Based Workouts)
30 Day Bikini Body eBook (Home-Based Workouts)
30 Day Bikini Body eBook (Home-Based Workouts)

30 Day Bikini Body eBook (Home-Based Workouts)

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I made this program simple, highly effective, and long lasting. I felt the best way to do this was to create a 30 day program that you can repeat as many times as you want so that you grow in your fitness journey and get the best value for your money. I created a 30 day calendar style model to make tracking your programming/workouts and recovery easier.


ALL HOME-BASED WORKOUTS (No equipment required!), With levels of fitness to choose from, ranging from 8 to 30 minute sessions, it has never been easier to make the commitment to a healthier, sexier, MORE CONFIDENT YOU!  Download my digital eBook today!


The goal of this eBook is to give you the workout tools needed to build a firmer, more defined bikini body. Simply put, give you a body that is ‘popping’ in all the right places, and will make heads turn when you rock that bikini! Or jeans… Or leggings… Or your birthday suit ;)


In order to accomplish this goal, we have to implement a 3-pronged approach:


  1. Reduce Stubborn Fat deposits around the waist and lower back. As these areas slim down it will give you a flatter stomach, as well as complement the look of your booty shape and size.
  2. Build and form the Glute muscles and surrounding secondary muscles. This will give you the muscle mass in the booty region that will make your butt ‘pop,’ and greatly help achieve your desired end result.
  3. Tone and increase definition of the leg, arms, back and stomach muscles. These muscles tie in together to compliment your aesthetic look. I have designed full body workouts that will tone these areas while burning maximum levels of fat at the same time.


In my own life, I have seen incredible results from following this strategic approach. I am excited for you to see the same result sin your own life and experience the boost in confidence that comes with achieving a new, fitter, YOU!


This program is a home-based program, meaning it doesn't require a gym AT ALL. (a workout band and mat are recommended) Yes, you can get incredible results WITHOUT going to a gym!! You'll see ;) 


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