Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide
Carb Cycling Guide

Carb Cycling Guide

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 -The Carb Cycling Challenge teaches you our signature carb cycling method of manipulating carbohydrate intake to optimize key metabolic hormones in order to maximize fat burning while simultaneously protecting muscle & strength!

This challenge is not a cookie cutter meal plan or quick fix weight loss challenge! What we are giving you is much more valuable, we're going to empower you with the skill set and knowledge to make food work for you, anytime of year, any goals you have, any place you're starting from. Our next official 30-day community challenge will start Monday, Jan 4th!



✔️ Our comprehensive carb cycling & nutrition guide teaches you exactly how to create your own unique carb cycling macros.

✔️ Entry into the Jan 4th 30-Day Challenge Group

✔️ Learn when to eat your carbs, protein and fats throughout your day based on your specific goals in order to maximize your results. + Learn how to adapt this program over time in order to continue to progress & sustain long-term results.

✔️ Recommended Food List: know what foods to buy at the store, how to measure them and how to cook them properly.

✔️ UNLIMITED SUPPORT: You'll have unlimited email support directly with us to answer all your questions from the moment you purchase.

✔️ IMMEDIATE, LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: a supportive community of friends helping each other. We check in here multiple times per week to answer questions and offer encouragement.

✔️ LIVE Q&A's: Each week during the 30-day challenge we will go LIVE inside the Facebook group to answer questions and provide additional tips, knowledge and support.

✔️ FREE WORKOUT EBOOK: You'll get a 30-day training eBook of your choice completely FREE! (info on how to access this will be inside your immediate welcome email - subscribe to emails at checkout and always check your spam folder!)

✔️ FREE PALEO RECIPE BOOK: We'll share some great recipes (with macros) so that you can keep your meals tasty and on track.

✔️ Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe 



This program will teach you exactly how to utilize Carb Cycling to reach your personal goals, TRANSFORM your body, and LEARN A LOT. This is exactly how we personally eat to stay in control of our health and physique goals!



Natalie Eva Marie NEMFIT Challenge

The next Carb Cycling challenge is starting Jan 4th!

Important Challenge Info - Please Read:

  • Feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions via email at We will get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive and be able to download a PDF version of the guide right away, which includes challenge instructions and FAQ's.
  • Getting Your Free eBook: Check your challenge welcome email for a unique discount code to come back and pick any workout eBook your want for Free!
  • Day 1 (Jan 4th) You will receive a Day 1 welcome email on the official Day 1 of the challenge as well with more info, and each week during the 30-day challenge will we go LIVE in the Facebook group and send the recording out via email to anyone who misses it.
  • Getting into the Private Group: the link to our private group is also inside your challenge guide as well as inside your welcome email. Everyone who purchases this guide is welcome to join the group regardless of if you're part of a specific challenge group or not. We have to pre-approve each and every member request so please be patient with that. It really helps if you sign up and purchase your guide using the SAME NAME & SAME EMAIL as what is associated with your FB account.

**Be sure to hit 'SUBSCRIBE' during checkout or you will miss your check-in and coaching emails, always check your 'promotions' or 'spam/junk' folders, too!

Carb Cycling


**Please note, this program is non-refundable under any circumstances, due to the nature of it being a digital product without the ability to actually 'return' it. If you decide not to complete the challenge after purchasing, the program is still yours to use and learn from.