NEM FIT: 30 Days of Dumbbell Workouts

NEM FIT: 30 Days of Dumbbell Workouts

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LOVE high-efficiency workouts where we burn tons of fat while building or maintaining lean muscle mass. I am also very spartan when it comes to my workouts and the equipment needed. I mostly work out in my garage and on the road, so fancy high tech equipment is not what I’m using. I use minimal equipment that yields optimal results.


This ebook is designed for purely dumbbell workouts and logistically can be done at any home, garage, hotel, or traditional gym around the world giving you the flexibility to achieve your elite fitness goals on your own terms.


We are going to use the NEM Fit three-pronged approach to fitness to achieve maximum fat loss and optimal lean muscle gain/preservation in the most efficient time frame possible. We will achieve this by blending HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), with traditional strength training movements, to achieve EPOC, the process by which these high-intensity training sessions force the body to work harder to build its oxygen stores back up for a period of 16 to 24 hours post-workout.


This effectively induces fat burning for up to 24 hours post workout, you literally burn fat while you sleep, while still burning and preserving lean muscle mass. I am extremely proud of this program and the results it yields and know that you guys are going to love it!


Now get out there and GET SOME!


**Video Instruction Included!**


Required Equipment:

- Dumbbells

- Jump rope

That's it!! 



Sample Workout:

dumbbell workout