6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint
6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint
6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint
6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint

6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint

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Our 6-Week Booty Builder Blueprint is specifically designed to grow your glutes! But, you can’t have a great butt without great legs too! So, we’ve incorporated all of the most effective lower-body movements into this plan, but with a strong glute-focus, to ensure you build a perfectly well-rounded, toned and strong peach! 

No tricks, no gimmicks – this program will get you real results from your training to create that round, full and toned booty you’ve always wanted. 


  • 6-weeks of done-for-you workouts⁣
  • 3 training days / week 
  • Progressive format to guarantee results⁣
  • Build lean muscle & functional strength in your entire lower body⁣
  • No gym required (Aka: lockdown friendly!)⁣
  • BONUS: 6 incredible sprint finisher workouts!⁣


These workouts are designed to take a maximum of 30-40 minutes to complete, with some workouts being even a little shorter - you don't need to spend a ton of time to get results! 
You can do this program on it's own, or incorporate it into your usual routine to take over your lower body training sessions.


The Booty Builder Mission:

Remember, your “glutes” aren’t just one curvy muscle for esthetics, they’re made up of three main muscles: gluteus maximus (those cheeks), gluteus medius (at the top of your butt) and gluteus minimus (at the sides, towards your hips). We’re going to hit them all – along with your hamstrings and quads, to sculpt, shape, firm, tone, and grow that entire lower body. 

A strong butt and legs are not just for turning heads - these muscle groups are the main source of power and strength! They give us explosive power, improve overall body strength and performance, and help us move faster. Not only that, but strong, well-trained glutes help keep our hips and back stable, as well as strengthening our core, to reduce pain and prevent injuries. EVERYONE needs to train their glutes!


No Gym Needed! 

Whether you have access to a gym or not, you can do this program. All you need is a booty band (available HERE if you don’t already have one). Weights are optional. If you have a couple dumbbells or kettlebells, great! (Heck, a gallon water jug filled with sand would work!). But If not, you can easily complete this without any weight at all.

Booty Bonus

In this digital workout guide, we’ve also included 6 incredible treadmill sprint finisher workouts!

Why? Well, Have you ever compared a sprinter’s booty to a marathoner’s booty?? We have… and we want the sprinter booty! 

These 15-min Sprint routines will ramp up the calorie burn on your workouts, increase glute engagement, and maximize your results! 




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