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Rest is generally categorized as sleep and time spent
not training or exercising. On your rest day focus on
getting a good nights sleep, drinking a bunch of water,
and taking a mental break. Recovery, on the other
hand, refers to techniques and actions taken to
maximize your body's repair.

Active recovery (AR) focuses on completing an exercise
at a low intensity, but high enough to increase blood
flow and enhance the clearance of enzymes responsi
-ble for muscle damage and residual fatigue. I am using
AR with you guys due to its highly effective role in
minimizing the symptoms of DOMS (delayed onset
muscle soreness). DOMS is what causes the soreness
you feel after a hard workout, you might not feel sore
until the next day—or even two days later? The
soreness is due to lactic acid building up in your
muscles during anaerobic exercise.

Active Recovery can help clear this lactic acid through
a sustained elevated metabolic rate which generates lactate
oxidation. So if you are wondering why I have
you taking long walks every few days, it is so you burn
calories and fight of soreness at the same time.